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mobile phone currency scandals in india

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------------------------------------------------ e – Voice Of Human Rights Watch – e-news weekly Spreading the light of humanity & freedom --------------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------------------------------------------------- Editor : Nagaraj.M.R...........................................vol.2 issue.37............................................................... 25/11/2006 Editorial : SCANDALS OF MOBILE PHONES & IT'S CURRENCY SALES IN INDIA IMEI No is the unique identification of each mobile phones. It has helped police in tracking criminals , terrorists , kidnappers , etc. however nokia India & tata indicom cos are selling mobile handsets without IMEI Nos, which is a good news for criminals , bad news for the public & the government. The authorities can refer the case details of case no: CD 49/05 before the honourable consumer disputes redressal forum , mysore. Also, without mention of IMEI No in the sales bill , phones cann't be tracked. The mobile currencies are sold without bills. A part of that currency is tax payable to the government. Mobile cos are getting that tax money from customers but are not remitting the same to the government. As the currency sales are without bill government cann't track it's actual tax dues. This is a huge scandal 100 times bigger than bofors to the tune of hundreds of crores. A part of this black money is funding criminals , underworld & terrorist outfits.What TRAI is doing , sleeping ? REQUEST TO TRAI for following information 1. what are the total number of subscribers of each mobile phone service provider both CDMA & GSM yearwise since 1998 till date ? 2. what are the total number of handsets sold since 1998 till date yearwise ? give split figures for CDMA & GSM handsets. 3. What is the total value of currencies sold by each mobile phone service provider yearwise since 1998 till date ? give split figures for each co. JAI HIND . VANDE MATARAM. Your's sincerely, NAGARAJ.M.R. AN APPEAL TO UNION PANCHAYAT RAJ MINISTER , GOI , INDIA Dear Sir , INDIA: Dalit village head faces constant intimidation due to caste discrimination in Uttar Pradesh Name of victim: Mr. Prem Narayan, son of Mr. Channu Ram, Address of victim: Vajidpur village under Harhua Block, Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh state, India Alleged perpetrators: 1. Mr. Lalman Yadav, the former village head of Vajidpur village 2. Mr. Mahendra Yadav, the resident of Vajidpur village 3. Mr. Shitla Pandey, the secretary of the Vajidpur village Duration of the incident: From September 2005 to date I am writing to you to inquire into the situation of Mr. Prem Narayan, the current village head of Vajidpur village, under Harhua Block in Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh, India. I am informed that Mr. Narayan is from the Chamar community belonging to the Scheduled Caste in India. I am informed that Mr. Narayan was elected as the village head in September 2005, but is still denied access to the records of the village and has being denied control over the management of the village by the upper caste persons named above. I am surprised to know that the village secretary appointed by the government to help the village head in managing the affairs of the village instead of helping Mr. Narayan has joined hands with the upper caste people and members of the former council and has cornered Mr. Narayan. I am also informed that Mr. Narayan was physically assaulted by Mr. Lalman and Mr. Mahendra for challenging their acts. I am also informed that Mr. Narayn was verbally abused and intimidated by the village secretary Mr. Pandey for asking village records like the property register and working register. I am informed that on several occasions Mr. Narayan was forced to sign documents under threat. I am aware that the election of Mr. Narayan as the village head of Vajidpur village was because the constituency was reserved for a member from the Scheduled Caste or Tribe during the 2005 elections. However, I understand that even though Mr. Narayan was elected he is not able to discharge his duties as the village head thus far due to the threat and intimidation of the upper caste members named above and also due to the non-cooperation of the village secretary Mr. Pandey. I am also aware that the 73rd amendment of the Indian Constitution was to percolate local administration to village level and also to facilitate empowerment of the marginalized communities in India especially the members of the lower caste and those from the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe and the women. However, from the facts made available to me regarding Mr. Narayan's case suggest to me that such an attempt is yet to take real shape owing to various tactics played by the upper caste Hindus in rural villages in India. I am aware that while on one hand this case could be considered as yet another example of caste based discrimination in India, I see this case as also a glaring example of the administrative failure in several parts of India, particularly in rural villages. I am informed that the acts meted out against Mr. Narayan are a crime under Section 3(x) of the Scheduled Caste and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989. However, I am surprised why no action is taken against the perpetrators in this case. I therefore urge you to immediately institute an impartial inquiry into this case and see to it that the complaints of Mr. Narayan are addressed and also necessary actions taken under the provisions of the above law against the perpetrators named above. I am also informed that the Asian Human Rights Commission is also writing a separate letter to Mr. Doudou Diene the United Nations Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism and racial discrimination to express concern about this case and calling for an intervention. I look for your urgent intervention into this case. Sincerely your's, NAGARAJ.M.R. AN APPEAL TO H.E.PRESIDENT OF INDIA , NEW DELHI Dear Sir , INDIA: Human rights activist and a victim threatened by police for complaining about a brutal assault by the Border Security Force in West Bengal Name of the victim: Mr. Mohammad Sayab Ali Mondal, son of Mohammad Mondal, residing at Char Kakmari Village, Murshidabad District, West Bengal, India Alleged perpetrators: 1. Officers from the Border Security Force, of which one person is known with the alias Biswasbau from the `C' Company of Battalion number 90, posted at Out Post number 6, Jalangi, Murshidabad, West Bengal 2. Mr. Somnath Banerjee, Officer in Charge, Jalangi police station, Murshidabad district, West Bengal Place and date of the incident: On 10 November 2006 within the jurisdiction of Jalangi police station, Murshidabad district, West Bengal I am writing to you to express my concern about the case of Mr. Mohammad Sayab Ali Mondal, who was beaten up by the officers from the Border Security Force on 10 November 2006. I am informed that Sayab witnessed some BSF officers dealing with allegedly smuggled goods at the Indo-Bangladesh border. I am informed that since the BSF officers did not want a witness to speak about their illegal dealing, they beat-up Sayab thereby injuring him seriously. Sayab who wanted to lodge a complaint against the BSF officers tried approaching the Officer in Charge (OC) at the Jalangi police station on 15 November along with Mr. Gopen Sharma, a human rights activist from Jalangi. However, Sayab and Gopen were verbally abused and intimidated by the officer Mr. Somnath Banarjee and were asked to leave the station. Aggrieved by the incident, Sayab approached the Assistant Superintendent of Police of Murshidabad who in turn ordered the OC at Jalangi police station to register the case. However, it is alleged that the OC continued refusing to register the case and also threatened Sayab and Gopen that they will have to face dire consequences if they pursued the case any further. I am informed that this was not the first time the officers from Jalangi police station are threatening human rights defenders. I am informed that the same police station has a record of abusing human rights defenders whenever a case is brought to their notice. I am also informed that the Hong Kong based Asian Human Rights Commission has also written to the United Nations Secretary General on the situation of human rights defenders Ms Hina Jilani asking for an intervention into this case. I am also concerned about the overall performance of the officers attached with the Jalangi police station. I am informed that in the past few months there were several cases where officers from this police station were accused of either torturing victims or not inquiring into cases. I am also informed that, the BSF officers, as evident from this case, are using unwarranted force to terrorise the local population. I am concerned about the extent to which the BSF officers enjoy impunity in the area which is supported by corrupt police officers like those stationed at Jalangi police station. I am informed that in the past many cases with similar facts were brought to your notice against which you have not initiated any action. I am aware that the facts of this case and in several other cases where the BSF officers are involved calls for an immediate intervention from the local police. However I am concerned to know that the local police often refuse to take any action against the BSF officers which is against the law. I therefore urge you to immediately intervene in this case and to take appropriate actions so that a case of assault is registered against the BSF officers responsible for injuring Sayab. I also request you to make sure that upon registration of the case a prompt and impartial investigation is conducted into this case and the perpetrators punished in accordance with the law. I further urge you to make sure that the victim in this case receives adequate compensation and that disciplinary actions are initiated against the police officers stationed at Jalangi police station, particularly the OC for intimidating, threatening and abusing the victim and the local human rights activist. I look for your urgent intervention into this case. Sincerely your's, NAGARAJ.M.R. UN DECLARATION ON RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLE - A CALL TO ASIAN GOVERNMENTS Dear Madam / sir , ASIA: Call for Asian governments to ensure the adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples at the General Assembly I have been informed by the Asian Human Rights Commission and the International Service for Human Rights that the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is currently before the Third Committee and the General Assembly for final adoption. It is vital for Asian States to support this important instrument by taking all necessary measures to ensure that it is adopted without hindrance or delay. Many States, while apparently supporting the Declaration, have suggested that further consultations on the Declaration are necessary and desirable to bring about consensus. However, since 11 years of the working group has not brought about consensus, there is little reason to believe that a little more time will make a difference. Reopening the discussions now would not allow for greater consensus. It would instead place in jeopardy this important instrument and the progress made in advancing the rights and dignity of the world's indigenous peoples. Moreover, States should also remember that important instruments such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture were adopted by a vote. I therefore strongly urge you to take all necessary measures to ensure that your government opposes any procedural amendment that delays the process of adoption. The text should not be reopened, but adopted without change or delay, as is indeed called for by the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous peoples. The choice of the Third Committee is not a choice between the Declaration now or in a few months. It is a choice between a Declaration now or never. Whatever some States might say, it is clearly a choice for or against the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. In my opinion, and in the minds of indigenous peoples, non governmental organisations and international public opinion, States, by voting in favour of any delays to the process, are voting against the draft Declaration and undermining the credibility and legitimacy of the Human Rights Council. It is vital that your government clearly show its support for the rights of indigenous peoples at this crucial juncture, by ensuring that the Declaration is adopted as it currently stands and without delay. Thank you for the attention you will give this matter, Your's sincerely, NAGARAJ.M.R. HELP LINE INDIA CONTACT NO . 09341820313 e – Voice Of Human Rights Watch – e-news weekly is providing a 24 hour help line to indian citizens . the aggrieved citizens can bring , issues involving human / fundamental rights violations , police atrocities , corruption by public servants , etc , to the notice of our news paper . the citizens must send their written complaints either through normal post or e-mail. Oral complaints is only accepted in matters , complaints of urgency like 3rd degree torture by police , illegal detention of innocents by police . even in such cases , the written complaint must be submitted in due course . our publication will take up the matter as it is in an unbiased way , with the appropriate authorities seeking justice. THIS SERVICE IS FREE . 24 HOUR CONTACT NO . 09341820313 e-mail . naghrw@... , nagarajhrw@... home pages . , , , , , , , address . # ...LIG-2 / 761 , HUDCO FIRST STAGE , OPP WATER WORKS OFFICE , LAKSHMIKANTANAGAR , HEBBAL , MYSORE – 570017 , KARNATAKA , INDIA …………………………………DECLARATION……………………………………… I have changed the title of my news weekly from "HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH'S" to " e-Voice Of Human Rights Watch" under the pressure of big bullying elements / corrupt elements . those corrupt elements have succeeded in influencing yahoo india to close access to me. Yahoo India has done their bidding , as yahoo did in china to silence human rights activists. However I am continuing with my crusade as ever , which best describes the new title of my news paper by the work I perform . also note my alternate home pages . name : …..........NAGARAJ.M.R. new address : ...LIG-2 / 761 , HUDCO FIRST STAGE , OPP WATER WORKS OFFICE , LAKSHMIKANTANAGAR , HEBBAL , MYSORE – 570017 INDIA new title of paper : e-Voice Of Human Rights Watch periodicity :WEEKLY circulation : FOR FREE DISTRIBUTION ON WEB donations : NOT ACCEPTED owner/editor/printer/publisher : NAGARAJ.M.R. nationality : INDIAN home page :…….. ………………....... …………...:……. ………………..... contact : naghrw@... , nagarajhrw@... cell : 9341820313 I ,NAGARAJ.M.R. hereby do declare that information given above are true to the best of my knowledge & belief. date : 18/11/2006 …………………………………… ………….your's sincerely, place : India……………………………………………………… Nagaraj.M.R. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------\ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------\ --------- Edited , printed , published owned by NAGARAJ.M.R. @ # LIG-2 / 761 , HUDCO FIRST STAGE , OPP WATER WORKS , LAXMIKANTANAGAR ,HEBBAL , MYSORE – 570017 INDIA………cell : 9341820313 home page : , , contact : naghrw@... , nagarajhrw@... 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