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saddam's hanging or UNITED NATION'S ???

_______________________________________________________________ e – Voice Of Human Rights Watch – e-news weekly Spreading the light of humanity & freedom _______________________________________________________________ Editor : Nagaraj.M.R...............vol.2 issue.42.....................30/12/2006 _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Editorial : saddam's hanging or hanging of international norms/ U.N ??? The cruelest dictator saddam hussien has been hanged by puppet government of iraq. the USA which groomed saddam ,osama & their outfits for it's own selfish objecives is now preaching justice. The methods applied by USA , to attack a sovereign nation , to go against & violate UN norms , to buthcher thousand of innocents all with the selfish objective of establishing american supremacy to derive economic riches , is highly condemnable. the presidents of USA down the line from ronald regan deserve the same punishment as saddam , for their crimes against humanity by the international war crimes tribunal. but which nation will dare to bell the cat - USA ? Jai hind. Vande mataram. your's sincerely , Nagaraj.M.R. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ AN APPEAL TO H.E.PRESIDENT OF INDIA Dear Mr.President, INDIA: Custodial death of a man who was victimized by consecutive police remand Name of victim: Mr. K. Kannan son of late D. Kannan, aged about 39 years, a resident of 3/73 Marianman Koil street under Hosur police station in Dharmapuri district, Tamilnadu state, India Alleged perpetrators: 1. The prison authority, Presidency Jail, Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal, India 2. S.S. Bhattacharya (WBCS) Executive Magistrate of Alipore court, Kolkata, West Bengal, India 3. Officers attached to the Detective Department of Lal bazaar Kolkata, Shakespeare Sarani police station and Bowbazar police station Date of incident: 22 November 2006 I am extremely disturbed to learn about an alleged custodial death of a man who had already spent more than one month in police custody before he collapsed to death on 22 November 2006. It has been alleged that no inquiry has been launched concerning the death even though the law stipulates that a judicial magistrate must investigate all deaths while in police or judicial custody. According to the information I have received, Mr. K Kannan was arrested by the police at the Hotel Mohit in Howarth by the burglary section of the Detective Department of Lal bazaar Kolkata on 7 October 2006 (case no.: 255/2006 u/s 380 of IPC). Mr. Kannan along with other arrested suspects was produced before the Metropolitan Magistrate Court of Bankshall, Kolkata in West Bengal, which ordered them to be held in police custody for 10 days.?Since then the same court granted three more consecutive police remands to MR. K Kannan and the others based on charges lodged by the police in difference cases (refer to: case no. 173 u/s 380 of IPC at Shakespeare Sarani police station and case no. 311 u/s 461 & 380 of IPC at the Bowbazar police station). As a result, the victim had been detained in police custody for more than one month. On November 10, Mr. Kannan and other suspects were produced before the court and were sent to Presidency Jail under judicial custody after receiving a medical check up, according to police.??? ?lt;br />Due to poor health, Mr. Kannan was admitted to the jail hospital in between November 13 to November 17 but he was released from medical care despite being in critical condition, as he was suffering from jaundice. Then on the morning of November 22, Mr. Kannan visited the jail hospital for a medical check-up and to receive medicine despite having no help from the jail’s authorities. With no doctors allegedly available and too weak to stand in the queue, Mr. Kannan bent down on the railing of the veranda in front of the dispensary and fell to the floor. Suffering from critical injuries, Mr. Kannan was admitted to the Jail hospital at 10:30 am and finally succumbed to his injuries 30 minutes later at 11:00 am. I believe that the court exercised an abuse of power under Section 167(2) of the Cr P C by way of granting unreasonable remand. It is not only against Article 21(the right to life) and Article 22 (protection against arrest and detention) of Indian constitution but also Section 25 of Indian Evidence Act which says that no confession made before a police officer shall be admissible in court of law.? Authorities have also violated the section 176 of Criminal Procedure Code states that when any person dies in the judicial custody, the concerned judicial magistrate is empowered to hold an enquiry into the cause of death. Until now, no such inquiry has been initiated in this respect. I believe that if the directive of Supreme Court issued in the case of D.K. Basu v State of West Bengal would have been followed and the victim would have gone through medical check up during his detention in police custody then his life could have been saved. In light of the above, I strongly urge that you immediately intervene in this matter of custodial death. I ask you to appoint an independent investigating authority to enquire into the whole incident which has caused an untimely death of a man held in judicial custody. Particularly an inquiry should be conducted to find under which circumstances the victim was given four consecutive police remands by the court without any scrutiny about the police conduct. If the abuse of power by the police or judiciary is proven in this case, strong action must be taken against those responsible.? I also demand that you inquire into the negligence committed by the Presidency Jail authority. If it is proven that the jail authorities have committed negligence and the Executive Magistrate has violated the procedure of law, legal action must be taken against the officers allegedly responsible. I also demand that you give adequate compensation to the victim's family. I look forward to hearing about your urgent intervention into this case. Your's sincerely, Nagaraj.M.R. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ AN APPEAL TO H.E.PRESIDENT ,REPUBLIC OF BURUNDI Dear Mr.President, sub : Appeal for your kindness & justice Gabriel Rufyiri was arrested in September 2006 for alleging that members of the Burundian government have been embezzling money. He is currently detained in Mpimba Prison in the capital, Bujumbura, on a charge of “defamation”. AI considers him a prisoner of conscience, held solely for exercising his right to freedom of expression. Gabriel Rufyiri is president of the non-governmental anti-corruption organization, the Observatory for the Struggle against Corruption and Economic Embezzlement (OLUCOME), which has regularly criticized the government over its failure to arrest those responsible for embezzling public funds. OLUCOME recently criticized the authorities over the sale of a presidential plane, complaining that the government did not accept the highest bid and consequently lost US$2 million. OLUCOME has been repeatedly subject to harassment. Some members have received phone calls threatening them and their families on account of their work for the organization. On one occasion, OLUCOME’s office was reportedly occupied by a gang of around 30 men who forced staff out of the building, padlocking the doors so they could not return to work. On another occasion, a public event was broken up by a large group of men, reportedly led by a man who had been incriminated by OLUCOME in allegations of corruption. hereby,HRW appeals to your kindself to show kindness & provide justice to the aggrieved , at the earliest. thanking you. your's sincerely, Nagaraj.M.R. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ AN APPEAL TO H.E PRESIDENT OF BELARUS Dear Mr.President, sub : Appeal for kindness & justice Zmitser Dashkevich, a leader of the youth opposition movement Young Front, was summoned to the Prosecutor’s office on 15 September and charged with “organizing or participating in an activity of an unregistered non-governmental organization.” Following a trial, held behind closed doors, Zmitser Dashkevich was sentenced on 1 November to one and a half years’ imprisonment in a minimum security prison. Hundreds of people, including opposition politicians, writers, diplomats and civil society activists demonstrated outside the court in Minsk, calling for his immediate release. AI believes he is a prisoner of conscience imprisoned solely for exercising his rights to freedom of assembly, association and expression. He was charged under an Article which was added to the Belarus Criminal Code in December 2005 as part of a series of amendments that introduced penalties for civil society organizations and other outspoken critics of the government, in the lead-up to the presidential elections in March 2006. Zmitser Dashkevich was previously arrested with four others in April 2006 during a peaceful demonstration to mark the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. All five men were released in May. hereby ,HRW urges your kindself o show your kindness & to release the aggrieved at the earliest. thanking you. your's sincerely, Nagaraj.M.R. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ AN APPEAL TO H.E.PRESIDENT OF EGYPT Dear Mr.President, sub : Appeal for kindness & justice Tal’at Sadat, was sentenced by a military court to one year’s imprisonment with labour on 31 October for “defaming the armed forces and spreading false rumours”. Nephew of the assas-sinated former Egyptian President Mohamed Anwar Sadat and a member of parliament for the small opposition Al-Ahrar Party, he was stripped of his parliamentary immunity during the investigation. AI considers him a prisoner of conscience imprisoned solely for exercising his right to freedom of expression. On the 25th anniversary of the former President’s assassination, Tal’at Sadat gave a series of media interviews in which he accused the armed forces and senior officials of the Republican Guards of involvement in the plot to kill his uncle, which was carried out during a military parade held on 6 October 1981. In the interviews he suggested that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak – then Vice-President – might also have been involved. The gunman who assassinated President Sadat was tried and executed in April 1982. Tal’at Sadat was denied full rights to legal defence and, although a civilian, was tried before a military court, from which there is no right of appeal to a higher court. After his trial, several Egyptian human rights groups expressed concern about the case and condemned his imprisonment. hereby , HRW urges you to show your kindness & to release the aggrieved at the earliest. thanking you. your's sincerely, Nagaraj.M.R. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Edited , printed , published owned by NAGARAJ.M.R. @ # LIG-2 / 761,HUDCO FIRST STAGE , OPP WATER WORKS , LAXMIKANTANAGAR , HEBBAL , MYSORE – 570017 INDIA………cell : 9341820313 home page : , , contact : , A member of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL INDIA

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