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e –Voice Of Human Rights Watch – e-news weekly Spreading the light of humanity & freedom Editor: Nagaraj.M.R....vol.3…issue.41......22/12/2007 Support Amnesty International Editorial : WAKE-UP CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION , CENTRAL VIGILANCE COMMISION & KARNATAKA LOKAYUKTA In India . petty criminals stealing rs.100 are prosecuted by police , spending rs.10000 from the exchequer. However big criminals , tax thieves cheating the public , government to the tune of lakhs , crores of rupees are let free by authorities , why ? I have once again given following cases involving cheating by public servants , tax evasions by corporates , etc. hereby I do appeal to the honourable director of central bureau of investigations , honourable central vigilance commissioner & honourable Karnataka lokaytukta , to initiate legal action in the following cases & to provide justice at the earliest. JAI HIND. VANDE MATARAM. Your’s sincerely, NAGARAJ.M.R. Raid by Karnataka lokayukta on police officials & public servants - seizure of crores worth illegal wealth KINDLY REVIEW ALL THE PREVIOUS OFFICIAL ACTIONS OF THESE CORRUPT OFFICIALS AS THERE ARE EVERY POSSIBILITY OF INNOCENTS SUFFERRING INJUSTICES & RICH CRIMINALS GOING SCOT FREE. in our neighbourhood , in our society private sector employees earning rs.10000 monthly income are finding it hard to meet ends , whereas many of the government officials earning lesser salary than that are leading luxurious lifestyles , how ? recently in the last week Karnataka lokayukta raided , seized illegal wealth of corrupt police , transport officials. The corruption is wide spread in public service including Karnataka lokayukta , central vigilance commission & CBI itselves. In 2006, when Karnataka lokayukta arrested 5 corrupt police officials & taking them in police jeep , 2 corrupt police officials escaped like petty criminals in cinematic manner. There are vast number of corrupt public servants who are continuing their crimes unabetted due to their sharing arrangements with their higher ups. Only a minute number of corrupt are being booked, by the efforts of honest few in Karnataka lokayukta , CVC & CBI . The paradox is that the government instead of legally prosecuting those criminals – corrupt officials , is sitting over their files for years & have reinstated , promoted tainted officials. Why do rich people / criminals pay bribe to police ? definitely not for charity , but not to mention their names in the FIR , to let them continue their crimes unabetted , to suppress evidences / witnesses , not to make their arrests , to conduct improper investigations , to close a case with B report , not to produce evidences / witnesses before the court , to fix-up poor innocents , to force the poor innocents to do the bidding of rich criminals , etc . As a result of these sell out of police duties , rich criminals are going scot free , poor innocents are suffering in jail & corrupt police are amassing illegal wealth. In the same way corrupt health department officials / doctors are selling out post mortem reports , medical certificates for a price , giving out certificates of legal compliance to adulterated food / medicine manufacturers , thereby killing thousands of people in their selfish greed to make more money. The labour / pollution control board officials are selling out certicates , to criminal industrialists who are indulging in unfair labour practices , occupational hazards , thereby killing poor people , in their greed to make a fortune. The tax officials are making lesser / favourable tax assessments favouring industrialists /traders for a price, aiding them to evade tax. As a result the public exchequer is loosing money , for it's social welfare , defence , other programmes. The ill-gotten wealth of industrialists / traders ie BLACK MONEY is disturbing our national economy & finding it's way to underworld , mafia & terrorist outfits. The corrupt police , tax officials , public servants are worse parasites than britishers . the threat & damge to india's security , integrity is more from these criminals - corrupt public servants than from USA , CHINA or PAKISTAN. God save my country . AN APPEAL TO HONOURABLE KARNATAKA LOKAYUKTA , CENTAL VIGILANCE COMMISSIONER & DIRECTOR CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Hereby , we do call upon Karnataka lokayukta , central vigilance commission & CBI To stop accepting all government officials reports , reports as sacrosanct documents , most truthful evidences. to publish wealth details of it's own staff & all public servants department wise annually with provision for cross verification by public. to make it mandatory for all public servants including judges , constitutional functionaries to submit annual wealth statements on affidavit & to make it public with provision for cross verification by public. to initiate legal action for those giving false statements on affidavit. the corrupt public servants who intentionally give false information or hide information under one pretext or the other while information is sought under RTI Act , all with a view to hide crimes must be legally prosecuted as criminals as in normal legal recourse persons who help criminals in destroying evidences , crimes are prosecuted. the corrupt officials don't leave evidences in open. Their higher ups who have taken kick backs from their corrupt subordinate always give a favourable report about him. So, during legal prosecution those reports must not be relied upon. In fact , there is a gross mismatch between government reports & ground reality. Take for example , in mysore construction is going on in INFOSYS campus on huge scale . most of the construction workers are not even covered by statuotary requirement of ESI , PF. The occupational hazards are more , accidents are common place , recently even deaths of workers have occurred due to occupational hazards . in the media also it was reported , in the media report it was even mentioned that vijayanagar police have registered a case & investigating. However when the information about it was sought from labour commissioner of Karnataka as per RTI Act , assistant labour commissioner of mysore has stated that no occupational deaths have taken place in either 2006 or 2007. SEE THE GROUND REALITY IS DIFFERENT WHEREAS THE GOVERNMENT RECORD , LABOUR DEPARTMENT RECORDS SING A DIFFERENT TUNE. THE FAILURE IN OUR DEMOCRACY IS THAT THESE FAKE RECORDS , STATEMENTS OF GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ARE TAKEN AS ULTIMATE TRUTH BY COURTS OF LAW & PROSECUTING AUTHORITIES. I can give more actual examples like this. so , involve public in the inspection teams , raiding parties of tax department , labour department , excise department , drugs control , weights & measures , etc. these public can put a check to the corrupt practices , fake records of these corrupt government officials. kindly do remember that in 2006-07 , a corrupt judge was exposed by media efforts. The said corrupt judge in his urgency to collect bribe has not even looked at the INTENDED PERSONS TO BE ARRESTED & blindly signed the copies of arrest warrant . the arrest warrant was against H.E . PRESIDENT OF INDIA , HONOURABLE CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA & HONOURABLE PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA. As in the normal working of government machinery if it was pursued , president of India , chief justice of India & prime minister of India should have been arrested. Technically speaking it was right. However common sense prevailed & the higher judiciary took appropriate action as the issue concerned VVIPs. Normally our courts of law , authorities work without common sense like horses of horse cart whose eyes are partially covered allowing only narrow vision , just by relying on government reports , records of corrupt public servants. The courts , authorities just functions by technicalities. This must stop for the sake of justice , fairness. when a public makes complaint to Karnataka lokayukta , CVC or CBI about corrupt practices of a public servant , they must stop relying on the legal opinion of it's own advocates as they just rely on government records. Take for example the wrong legal opinion of legal expert of Karnataka lokayukta. The lokayukta has legal jurisdiction to inquire into all Karnataka state government institutions & organizations funded , supported by government of Karnataka. There are other examples where In Karnataka lokayukta has taken action against employees of Karnataka government aided institutions . The PES COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING mandya is funded & aided by government of Karnataka , but when we made a complaint regarding corruption in that institution , the legal expert of Karnataka lokayukta gave his expert opinion that the said institution is out of lokayukta's legal jurisdiction , so no action is called for . based on this opinion Karnataka lokayukta rejected my complaint. Some of these legal experts are indirectly covering up criminals , stop relying on their expert opinions. when a complaint is given to Karnataka lokayukta , CVC or CBI they in turn ask the complainant himself for supporting evidences , records. The government has given them vast police force to enforce law , to inquire & to collect evidences. How can a commoner can collect evidences , the criminal don't leave evidences in open , all the commoner can do is make complaint regarding the injustices he has suffered. The complaints must be accepted & inquired into with or without evidences , lack of evidences should not be the sole reason for dismissal of complaint as presently Karnataka lokayukta , CVC & CBI are doing . review all the past official decisions of corrupt officials apprehended by Karnataka lokayukta , CVC & CBI. As there are possibilities of innocents suffering injustices & rich criminals going scot free. CORPORATE CRIMES & CORRUPT PUBLIC SERVANTS – Root cause of naxalism , terrorism in India The corrupt public servants together with corporate criminals are looting the state exchequer , looting the resources which rightfully belongs to all the people , public. Thereby, making those public utterly poor. This has created a wide chasm between few utterly rich people & crores of utterly poor. This has generated lot of socio-economic problems in India. The ill-gotten money , black money thus generated is funding the organized crime. As a result , Some of these poor people are finding the solution to their poverty in the wrong way of naxalism , terrorism , religious fundamentalism , caste movements , etc. It is futile. The government is trying to tackle the problem of naxalism , terrorism by violence , instant justice like fake encounters , 3rd degree tortures , lock-up deaths , etc. why not government meating out instant justice to corporate criminals & corrupt public servants ? Both government & public must respect law & democratic norms . The government must aim at the root cause of these problems , like providing realistic displacement packages to project displaced persons , ensuring proper supply of ration through PDS in ration shops , ensuring proper implementation of food for work programmes , ensuring proper free medical care & free supply of medicines to poor in government hospitals , to strictly eradicate corruption in public service & to strictly enforce corporate accountability in India. However , the government is not sincere in it's objectives or intentions. Our publication HRW has appealed to the authorities numerous times seeking justice about following corporate crimes , still there is no word called justice , why this delay by authorities. WAKE – UP HONOURABLE PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA RPG CABLES LTD thy name FRAUD ? BEWARE BANKERS& SMALL INVESTORSM/S RPG CABLES LTD , an industry located at mysore is promoted by the most influential congress M.P mr. R.P.Goenka. the senior executives of the company are looting the resources of the company in turn bringing bad name to the company &causing immense losses to all stakeholders. Without due permission of the customers & in violation of customer contracts, these executives are effecting deviations in the process like using recycled products, processing at higher speeds & using the approved materials at the ends of the cable ie testing lengths only , in between the cable length non-conforming raw materials are used. Thereby, these executives are cheating the customers like BSNL, PGCIL, GAIL, MTNL, etc since years. Many cables are failing at fields , if thorough inspection is done many more will cometo light. The company is made to pay huge penalties , even suffered blacklisting all due to the greedy actions of senior executives. There is no proper tendering procedure while purchasing raw materials or disposal of machineries . The money is siphoned-off to sister companies by offering low interest loans,selling the shares at undervalue or by purchasing shares at inflated price , etc. There is no proper documentation or tax payments for the flow of goods between M/S RPG CABLES LTD, MYSORE & M/S CONCEPTA CABLES LTD, MYSORE. There is no word called TRANSPARENCY OR CORPORATE GOVERNANCE in their books. These type of ill-gotten wealth of various industrialists & traders in india is fuelling the black economy, destabilising the economy, cheating the government of it's tax dues, cheating the lending banks, funding the political parties,underworld & terrorist outfits. The senior executives of the company are leading the luxurious lifestyles much above their known sources of income. When mr. R.P.Goenka has failed to properly govern a small company, how can he govern our vast country India being a member of parliament ? The shameful part is that inspite of so much of cheating by the said company ie by it's executives , now the government through BIFR has given loans again to this company. Definitely this money to the tune of crores will disappear in the black hole too . The government has once again given orders to this cheating company for crores worth cables , why ? is the government rewarding criminals ? is anybody getting kickbacks out of this deal ? what CBI & CVC is doing , sleeping ? God save my country. AN APPEAL TO HONOURABLE UNION PRIME MINISTER , GOI The shameful part is that inspite of so much of cheating by the said company MS RPG CABLES LIMITED ie by it's executives , now the government through BIFR has given loans again to this company. Definitely this money to the tune of crores will disappear in the black hole too . The government has once again given orders to this cheating company for crores worth cables , why ? is the government rewarding criminals ? is anybody getting kickbacks out of this deal ? what CBI & CVC is doing , sleeping ? God save my country. Kindly give me status of following complaints made to your cabinet ministers & the telecom PSUs mentioned alongside long back , till date there is no action , why ? DPG/M/2006/80001 complaint made to BIFR DARPG/E/2006/00009 complaint made to BIFR DPG/T/2006/80001 Complaint made to BSNL DARPG/E/2006/00010 Complaint made to BSNL DPG/T/2006/80002 Complaint made to MTNL DARPG/E/2006/00011 Complaint made to MTNL DPG/R/2006/80001 Complaint made to RailTel DARPG/E//2006/00012 Complaint made to RailTel DPG/M/2006/80002 Complaint made to PGCIL DARPG/E/2006/00013 Complaint made to PGCIL DPG/N/2006/80001 Complaint made to GAIL DARPG/E/2006/00014 Complaint made to GAIL DPG/M/2006/80003 Complaint made to union finance minister DARPG/E/2006/00015 Complaint made to union finance minister DPG/M/2006/80004 Complaint made to union minister for company affairs DARPG/E/2006/00016 Complaint made to union minister for company affairs DPG/M/2006/80005 Complaint made to union minister for commerce & industries DARPG/E/2006/00017 Complaint made to union minister for commerce & industries DPG/B/2006/80002 Complaint made to minister of state for banking Crimes at INFOSYS campus ? - wake-up government of Karnataka - an open letter to mr.Narayan murthy INFOSYS is an indian corporate which made india proud globally & made all it's employees prosper, become shareholders in the prosperity of the company. Infosys has made & is making various humanitarian services/aid through it's hard earned resources. thereby bringing smile to the faces of numerous oppressed ,disadvantaged people. every indian is proud of responsible organisations like infosys & we do sincerely appreciate the company. Recently , disrespect was shown to our sacred Indian National Anthem at your campus , aping americans is not a big thing . Americans are what they are because they love their country. Every human being must love & respect his motherland & mother first , everything matters later. This crime at your campus is inexcusable. There are also allegations that at your campus , usage of illegal drugs by inmates is rampant & some inmates behave indecently with girls . how you are ensuring the safety of women at your campus ? Recently , it has been reported that there are recurring deaths of labourers at your construction site due to lack of proper occupational safety measures . also, it has been reported many of the labourers are not even covered by ESI & PF . from the day one how many persons have died & how many were injured , physically disabled till date ? what follow-up action has been taken by your organization ? is it not the duty of your organization to respect the law of the land with respect to labourer's safety ? However there are complaints of human rights violations in your own backyard. Infosys is building a vast campus in mysore since 2 years. The construction work has been given to contractors, who in turn has given out subcontracts . some of these sub-contractors are employing persons without E.S.I & P.F COVERAGE .these employees are forced to work at heights without any safety gears. some of these employees have suffered damages to theirlimbs , hands ,fingers while performing their duties . in such events, the sub-contractor takes the injured to a private hospital, arranges for medical treatment for a day or two . afterwards , he is given a pittance as compensation ,dismissed from service & left to fend for himself . no further medical care at all. these sub-contractors are so cunning that theydon't even leave a single shred of evidence to prove that the injured employee was workingon that site . the labourers attendance is just marked on a notebook , not any official register .as a result the injured is unable to legally prosecute the guilty . the end result fingers or hands or limbs lost to INFOSYS. Being the principal employer, is it not your duty to ensure proper E.S.I & P.F coverage of all contract labourers by their respectivecontractors. Your organisation is not even responding to our queries , is it justified ? MOBILE PHONE & CURRENCY SCANDALS IN INDIA - An appeal to tax authorities ABOUT MOBILE PHONE SCANDALSCase no.1 : in the year 2004 , dealer for tata indicom mobile phone service M/S INTOTO COMMUNICATIONS , kalidasa road , vv mohalla , mysore sold a nokia 2280 mobile hand set to a customer for Rs.4000 along with mobile phone connection ( bill no.41 dt 25/09/2004 ). Onthe box of the mobile hand set , MRP is mentioned as Rs.5799 , so either the dealer is selling the handset at discount or there is over invoicing the cost of product during import. However there is no mention of discount in the sales bill. There was no mention of 15 digit IMEI number nor there was warranty card . all these proved that , the dealer is dealing in illegal handsets either smuggled , stolen or seconds and selling them to customers as brand new genuine ones. The matter went before the honourable consumer disputes redressal forum , mysore and the honourable forum acknowledged the illegality of the handset & ordered the dealer to refund the money with costs to the customer. The dealer has complied with the order ie accepted hiswrongdoing. ( Case no : CD 49/2005 ). The issue was brought up before the CBDT , CBEC & CCT , till date no action why ?Case no.2 : on 18/06/2006 , M/S Rajhans Novelties , surya bakery circle , hebbal , mysore – dealer for reliance mobile phones has sold a mobile connection together with handset for Rs.2060 . on the outer box of the handset cost is mentioned as MRP Rs.4000 , however he has sold it for Rs.1265 . also, the dealer has not stated the cost of lifetime voucher ie Rs.795 in the sales bill ( bill no : 1017 dt 18/06/2006 ) , there is no mention of discount in the sales bill . it is a clear case of either over invoicing of the product during import or sale of illegal handsets. The reliance infocom is not even responding to my queries & requests for written confirmation of 10 year validity. Why ? there is something amiss here .Hereby , i do seek following information under the provisions of RTI ACT from ,the chairman of central board of excise & customs , chairman of central board of direct taxes , government of india & the commissioner , commercial taxes , government of karnataka :1. is the handset sold through bill no:41 dt 25/09/2004 by m/s INTOTO communications , kalidasa road , vv mohalla mysore genuine one ? how much excise , customs duty & commercial taxes has been paid towards it's import & sales ?2. is the handset sold through bill no:1017 dt 18/06/2006 , by m/s Rajhans novelties , surya bakery circle , hebbal mysore , genuine one ? how much excise , customs duty & commercial taxes has been paid towards it's import & sales ? specific figures needed.3. Why the amount of life time voucher is not shown in sales bill ? why neither the company reliance infocom or it's dealer is not giving written confirmation of 10 year incoming phone service validity inspite of collecting Rs. 795 ?4. every business transaction needs a bill. Then why don't the sellers of mobile phone currencies , life time cards , activation cards are not giving bills ?5. also in these currencies , a part of currency ie money is deducted as tax by the mobile companies. Are they passing on those deducted tax amounts to the government ? when there is no track back on the sales of mobile currencies , how the government collects it's rightful tax dues ?6. how you are monitoring the growing riches of tax officials year after year ?there is a huge scandal under the belly of mobile phone market , but the tax officials are mum . why ? HRW offers it's services in apprehending tax thieves , are you ready ? CRIMES BY BANGALORE DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY ( B.D.A) AGAINST A POOR WOWAN The B.D.A flouts it's own rules & spreads red carpet for big land developers & land grabbers. B.D.A posting is a huge money spinner for corrupt officials. The corrupt B.D.A officials work hand in glove with criminal elements & rowdies. They illegally evict genuine allottees who are poor & without any connections from allotted prime lands & sell-off those prime land to the highest bidder of bribe. The poor fellow is re-alloted lands in backward areas & in some cases left in the lurch. Now , take the following case. Mr. S.D. chandrashekaraiah a poor old man aged around 80 years was allotted with house no.185, kumaraswamy lay-out, first block, bangalore in 1978 vide letter no. 310/267/BDA/ADM/KMRSL(H)/78-79 dt 11/08/1978. The chairman of B.D.A has allotted the built house on lease cum sale basis. The poor old man mr. S.D.chandrashekaraiah complied with all the rules & in accordance with it even deposited 25% of the house cost in B.D.A'S account. However when he went over to his allotted house for residing in it, he found out some rowdy elements were already residing there. He complained about this matter to the legal owner of the house ie B.D.A . the B.D.A officials didn't take steps to evict the illegal encroachers nor did they make any complaint to the police. His appeals to B.D.A, chief minister of karnataka , etc fell on deaf ears. Hurt by this gross injustice & mounting financial burdens the poor old man died. Subsequently, the poor man's daughter smt. Nagalakshmi who was also very poor , appealed to the B.D.A authorities once again , to evict illegal encroachers from her father's allotted house. This time the corrupt B.D.A officials played a different game. They showed her a vacant house, gave her oral instructions to live in that vacant house & told her that they will regularise it in due course. The hapless poor woman took huge loans & repaired the house fit for occupation. Just before she was to occupy that house , corrupt B.D.A officials once again planted rowdy elements in that house. Once again the poor woman was cheated. She lost her house, on top of it her loan burden mounted. Till date, that poor woman is suffering from these gross injustices of B.D.A . SHAMELESS B.D.A OFFICIALS who take thousands of rupees salary & perks every month, all at the expense of tax-payer has not even cared to rectify the injustice. Thereby, they are violating the poor woman's fundamental & human rights. Hereby, HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH urges the honourable chief minister of karnataka, honourable lokayuktha for karnataka , honourable chairman national human rights commission , honourable chairman national commission for women & honourable chairman state commission for women karnataka, to take the appropriate action & to speedily provide justice to this poor woman. THEFTS IN RBI CURRENCY NOTE PRESS R.B.I CURRENCY THEFT CASE – COVER-UP ACT BY C.B.I?- AN APPEAL TO THE UNION FINANCE MINISTER & CENTRAL VIGILANCECOMMISSIONEven in ordinary branches of banks , the safety locker room keys & currency chest room keys are with senior managers only. with advance of technology various electronic gadgets like burglar alarms, user id & palm readers are in use. It is quite shocking to know that , in high security RBI CURRENCY PRESS , mysore these gadgets were not in use & the keys were easily accessible to ordinary security guards. Also, in mysore press there is no proper accounting practices for blank papers issued for printing , afterprinting is done accounts of accepted notes & rejected notes is not at all kept. CBI is putting the whole blame on an ordinary security guards & hurrying to close the case. The repeated thefts are not at all possible by security guards alone without the help of insiders / higher executives. CBI is trying to fool whom?Even with respect to my complaint regarding recruitment scandal complaint no: DPG/B/2005/80049 (2) (RBI) new complaint no: DPG/Z/2005/90040, neither CBI nor secretary ( finance sector ) department of economic affairs government of india nor the RBI governor has taken any steps till date , why?Hereby, HRW urges the honourable union finance minister & CENTRAL VIGILANCE COMMISSION to look into the matter & to provide speedy justice to all concerned.C.B.I COVERING UP THEFTS IN R.B.ILie detector tests for C.B.I officers ?Nowadays even free e-mail accounts need password to operate, to operate a bank locker there are multi level security settings. However , it is ridiculous, unbelievable to note that in the high security reserve bank of india currency note press mysore, there were no different key sets , palm readers, pass words, no different authorised persons, no troops of security guards, to access the area. Just only one security guard- a constable. It is a cock & bull story of C.B.I, that all alone a single security guard stole the booty. There must be a crime syndicate. The C.B.I officers themselves must be subjected to polygraph, brain mapping tests to know why they are lying , to cover-up whom? The C.B.I has not answered previous questions raised by HRW. The C.B.I must answer the following questions : 1. who were responsible for selling the good printing machine at security press nasik to scamster karim lala telgi as scrap ? 2. who recruited the candidates below merit rankings in R.B.I for what criminal roles ? 3. how many irregularities have taken place in R.B.I till date ? 4. who is responsible for installing, operating & supervising the security set-up in R.B.I ? 5. how the raw materials ie number of paper sheets, ink, etc are accounted for in inward stores & while issuing for printing ? 6. how wastages, scrap of ink , papers , etc in the printing process are accounted for? 7. How the finished goods ie currency notes are accounted for ? 8. Who keeps physical figures & possession of goods, inventory of all the above? 9. How the scrap paper is disposed off ? 10. From security angle who keeps track from start till dispatch ? ILLEGAL RECRUITMENT IN R.B.I CURRENCY NOTE PRESS RESULTING INFREQUENT THEFTS ???Dear sir, I have applied for the post of STORES ASSISTANT in 1995 & for the post of PROCESS ASSISTANT in 1996 for vaccancies at Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited ( BRBNMPL) MYSORE & SALBONI. I didn't even get the interview/written test call letter. However candidates with lesser merit ranking were selected. My requests for a copy of merit ranking list fell on deaf ears. In the end of 1996, i once again applied for the posts of PROCESS ASSISTANT & MAINTANANCE ASSISTANT at BRBNMPL. This time round i got written test call letters for both posts. I have successfully cleared the common written test for both posts. Subsequently i got the interview call letters for both posts. I have successfully appeared for the common interview for both posts. However candidates of lesser merit were selected & i didn't get anycommunication at all. My repeated requests for MERIT RANKING LIST fell on deaf ears. It is the criminals in R.B.I MANAGEMENT who declared a good printing machine at nasik security press as scrap & sold it to fake stamp paper king pin karim lala telgi It may be possible that the criminals in the R.B.I MANAGEMENT selected candidates who suited their criminal objectives. As a result there isfrequent occurrence of currency thefts & related irregularities at R.B.I CURRENCY NOTE PRESS, mysore & salboni. Hereby, i call upon the C.B.I to look into this matter. Also, hereby i urge you to provide me justice by giving merit ranking lists of all recruitments made from 1995onwards till date.Specifically, for the above mentioned 4 posts in accordance with the TRANSPARENCY / RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT of government of india. Edited, printed , published owned by NAGARAJ.M.R. @ #LIG-2 / 761,HUDCO FIRST STAGE ,OPP WATER WORKS , LAXMIKANTANAGAR , HEBBAL ,MYSORE ………. 570017 INDIA……………………cell :09341820313home page :,, , , ,,contact : , A member of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL INDIA


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