Friday, February 29, 2008


e –Voice Of Human Rights Watch – e-news weekly Spreading the light of humanity & freedom Editor: Nagaraj.M.R....vol.4…issue.08......23/02/2008 Support Amnesty International Editorial : HUMAN ORGANS FOR SALE - An appeal to honourable chief justice of india In India, as per law the ownership of the living physical bodies of human beings lies with the government of India. The person / human being doesn't have any right over his own physical body. The government is the owner, GOI is in the position of a trustee / guardian of all human beings within Indian territory. The role of a trustee / guardian of a property is not just to enjoy the profits , is not just to have a right over the property but to safeguard , up-keep & maintain the said property till it is passed on to the final beneficiary. In this case , the collective human beings in India constitute the HUMAN CAPITAL of India. The GOI is the trustee of this human capital and is duty bound to pass on this safely to the final beneficiary ie GOI itself. The trustee must safeguard the trusted property & maintain it , instead if he joins his hands with the criminals , vandalisers & destroys the said property , the trustee looses all his moral & legal rights over the property. The GOI instead of protecting the human rights , fundamental rights , protecting & up-keeping the health of it's human capital has failed to provide even basic necessities of a living being. On the contrary , GOI has joined hands with criminals & snatched away remnants of life sustenance from the human capital. In India , GOI has teamed up with criminals - police who falsely implicate & kill innocents using 3rd degree torture , manufacturers of adulterated / harmful food products who slowly disable & kill innocent consumers , manufacturers of fake medicines who slowly disable & kill innocent patients , the govt officials who siphon-off food grains meant for FOOD FOR WORK programme , the govt doctors who siphon-off free medicines meant for poor , etc As a result , millions of people in India barely survive on a single piece meal per day , millions lack access to potable drinking water & health care , hundreds are dying due to starvation , mal-nutrition , food poisoning , wrong medication , etc. numerous innocent people are suffering 3rd degree torture in police stations & many are getting killed in lock-ups. Even when these crimes are brought to the notice of GOI, instead of protecting , safe guarding the people , it neglects it's duties & indirectly aid the criminals. Thereby , GOI has lost it's moral & legal right over the physical bodies of living persons , GOI has lost it's trusteeship. In this backdrop , as a human being is left to fend for himself , to get out of his personal hardships a human being at his option can sell his own body's organs or commit suicide or can ask a doctor to kill him on grounds of mercy. It will be just & legal , as GOI has failed in it's duties as a trustee. Hereby , HRW appeals to honourable supreme court of India , to order GOI & other state governments to perform it's duties as a trustee of human capital or to declare the sale of human organs by the person himself , suicide & mercy killing as LEGAL. JAI HIND. VANDE MATARAM. Your's sincerely, NAGARAJ.M.R. HUMAN ORGANS FOR SALE BY AN ANONYMOUS POORMAN One eye & One kidney for sale. Minimum reserve price Rupees ten lakhs exclusive of taxes. Insurance cover for double the amount must be provided to the organ's seller by the buyer , right from acceptance of bid till his lifetime. 10% of the bid amount must be paid to the prime minister of india's national calamities relief fund. The buyer must bear all expenses related to this sale process. The seller reserves the right to withdraw this offer. Contact the editor of HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH'S. Edited, printed , published owned by NAGARAJ.M.R. @ #LIG-2 / 761,HUDCO FIRST STAGE ,OPP WATER WORKS , LAXMIKANTANAGAR , HEBBAL ,MYSORE ………. 570017 INDIA……………………cell :09341820313home page :,, , , ,,contact : , A member of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL INDIA

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