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Editor: Nagaraj.M.R....vol.4 . issue.36......06/09/2008

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Editorial : Riots in Jammu & Kashmir – Inequality created by GOI since 1947

In India , as per constitution of India all are equal before law & all citizens enjoy the same , equal rights. However due to the blunder committed by Late prime minister of India shri. J.N.Nehru , the state of Jammu & Kashmir enjoys special status.

The GOI is giving roughly 10 times more financial grants to the state of J&K than other states. The most industrialized states like Maharashtra , gujarath , Karnataka , etc. which is contributing more tax money to the GOI’s coffers get lesser grant from govt , where as the J&K which contributes very little , pockets the most. Paradoxically , the resident of J&K can reside any where in India , can study or do business any where in India , however the citizens of India who are residents of other states cann’t buy any property in J&K , cann’t reside in J&K.

Except defense acts , no other Acts , rules of GOI are legally applicable in J&K. Whether it is Indian Penal Code , PF act , labour acts , tax laws , etc – the Acts / Rules of central government ie GOI is uniformly applicable throughout India except Jammu & Kashmir. J&K has it’s own set of laws.

Why this inequality is being continued even after 61 years of independence ? this inequality perpetuated by the GOI & victimization by majority muslim community , has forced the minority kashmiri pandits to flee from their birth place. Why GOI has not cared about the fundamental / human rights of kashmiri pandits ?

The inequality perpetuated by GOI itself is one of the causes of growth of terrorism in J&K . After getting such huge financial benefits from GOI , favourable treatment from GOI , contribution of J&K to central exchequer is meager. Still kashmiris are demanding to be aligned with occupied Kashmir which is being controlled by Pakistan. The state of kashmiris in occupied Kashmir , mohajirs – who fled to Pakistan from India are worse than people of banana republics. Muslims in India are better off than muslims in either Pakistan or occupied Kashmir , Muslims in J&K are better off than rest of Indian citizens as they are getting huge support from GOI. Inspite of corruption , in India we have fairly good , practical democracy – which gives a forum for each voice , which treats every religion equally , which gives every citizen equal right to participate in the governance of the country. It is high time for GOI to stop appeasement of any community or state , to annul the special status given to J&K , but to give support to individuals or regions on need basis but never blanket reservations or special positions. GOI must treat every body as equals as per our constitution of India. Jai hind. Vande mataram.

Your’s sincerely,



Recent case of rape victim, SMT. Imraana has proved that how inhuman , illogical the fatwa & shariat laws of muslim community are. It reminds us of medieval times. The so-called ardent followers of shariat laws, only force it on their women folk.

The shariat laws with respect to men folk like prohibition on drinking, smoking, adultery,etc & the punishments like public stoning to death are not enforced. The muslim men are authorised by shariat to marry more women but they must look after all their needs as per shariat. They can divorce their wives by triple talaq if they are not satisfied with them. This part of shariat is carried out by menfolk however the other part of shariat which stipulates paying back of dukthari, woman's belongings,her properties all to her after talaq are not at all followed.

The male chauvinists in muslim community are the worst violators of shariat. They are suitably manipulating shariat to supress muslim women. The central government is also dancing to the tunes to safeguard it's vote bank. Take the case of shaa banoo during P.M. Rajiv gandhi's regime. Inspite of supreme court ruling to pay living expenses to her by her ex-husband, the govt passed a bill annulling the SC verdict.

The govt gives subsidy to haj pilgrims, does it give the same amount of subsidy to kashi pilgrims, bodhgaya pilgrims, bethleham & jerusalem pilgrims ?

The women folk of different religions don't enjoy same property rights in their parent's property. The govt has enacted various laws which are itself unequal, illogical & violative of fundamental rights of citizens, all to appease a votebank.

All religions are based on humanity & equitable justice, are good, great & lead to the same supreme power. It is the subsequent interpretations which are inhuman. According to times, the medieval rituals which may be right at that time, at that place but now inhuman, illogical at this time & at this place-india, should be dropped. The religion must be within the confines of home. Before law, everybody is equal & must be treated as equals, both women & men.

Hereby, HRW urges the honourable supreme court of india to order the govt of india to enact uniform civil code within a time frame.


In India, every human soul is weeping after witnessing massive los of human lives In earth quake , heavy rains & floods. Add to this various natural tragedies. When your fellow countrymen are suffering, in Kashmir militants butchered innocents, in delhi also they murdered innocents through serial bomb blasts. Recently in maharashtra they made bomb blasts. Kashmiri militants claim they are fighting for kashmiris, when the very same kashmiris were suffering from loses due to earthquake why didn't the so-called jihadis didn't make any relief efforts? Why didn't their foreign master – Pakistan didn't make any relief efforts? Within the pak occupied Kashmir ( pok) itself, Pakistan didn't make appropriate relief efforts. It is government of India & international community who provided proper & timely relief.

The foreign powers are not at all interested in your well being. They are ready to spend millions of dollars for aiding terrorism, but not ready to spend a few hundreds for your education , health care or self employment schemes through NGOs. The fact is they don't want your well being, they don't want you to prosper, live peacefully. The ultimate objective of these foreign powers is to take you on the path of self destruction, destruction of your motherland & to finally usurp the power, to subjugate you into slavery in turn looting the resources of your country.

Ofcourse, in India there is rampant corruption. Still democracy is live & kicking in India, it is the best form of governance. You have got real examples of countries in Africa, latin America, wherein the countries have secured independence through separatist / terrorist movements. The terrorist leaders themselves have become prime minister / president of newly independent countries. Now, they are more corrupt & barbaric than their predecessors . even after getting independence, the lives of commonfolk has become bad to worse. By independence , only leaders have benefited. Will you lead another struggle ? this is endless, as the selfishness , greed of leaders knows no bounds.

In the past, government of India aided tamil separatists, Pakistan terrorists, etc, butchering innocents. The government of U.S.A aided terrorists in Africa, afghanisthan, latin America , murdering innocents. Various countries have aided terrorism while preaching peace. These barbaric acts were motivated by selfish, corrupt, ego-centric leaders. Now, in the bomeerang effects of their actions, innocents are dying in bomb blasts, etc.

Violence breds violence. Peace & compassion results in all round harmony, prosperity. Every human being must struggle against injustices in a peaceful & legal manner. The struggle must be against the corrupt system, for that peaceful struggle democracy is the best forum. Don't be pawns in the hands of foreign powers, politicians. They are not at all interested in your welfare, well being. At the end, it is the leaders who become ministers & amass wealth through corruption. The common folk like you will remain as fiddlings, minions forever.

Just imagine yourselves in the place of victims of delhi serial bomb blasts ( 29/10/2005). Your mother & wife are crying, your children are dead , your father's hands & limbs are ripped apart in the blast. How does it feel to be one ? no religion, no god asks it's followers to cause destruction. All religions, gods are full of eternal love & compassion. Let that god shine his light, upon you all on the violent path. Let us build ram rajya of mahatma's dream through non violent means within the existing democratic framework .

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