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Kejriwal & Churchill Right - Criminals in Parliament ?

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CRIMINAL  MPs  &  MLAs  of  India

Cross Exam of Loksabha Speaker & Others


Hunger Deaths Malnutrition Deaths Poverty  Earning  Less than Rupees 32 per day

Honest  Hard Working Child Laborers Earning Less Than Rupees 32 per day

Corrupt Dishonest Criminal Public Servants Earning More than Rupees 5000 per day  Murderers of Justice
 Ill-gotten Wealth of  Corrupt Public Servants
Murderers of Justice Shame to You

Mr.Arvind Kejriwal & Mr.Winston Churchill are Almost RIGHT - Criminals  have entered Indian Parliament                                                           - Legislate  LOKPAL  Bill

With whole hearted respects to the parliament & all constitutional bodies , hereby we are appealing to the honest few in public service , honest few in parliament , honest few in judiciary & honest few in police , to legally prosecute their corrupt colleagues , to legislate  “ LOKPAL  BILL”  with  full powers to enforce accountability of  all public servants , MPs , MLAs , Police , etc to  the citizens of india. Contempt of Parliament & other constitutional bodies is being made by some of the Corrupt MPs themselves. Therby these MPs are making contempt of Indian Parliament , 105 crore Indian citizens , Constitution of India  and Obstructing the Indian Citizens from performing their FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES to uphold constituion of india , it's dignity. These Corrupt Public Servants are doing more damges to India's National Unity & Integrity  than naxals & terrorists . These Corrupt Public Servants are more deadlier & greater threat to india than Pakistan & China. The honest few in parliament  & other constitutional bodies are either keeping mum or not taking appropriate steps to intiate criminal legal prosecution against their corrupt colleagues , this is aiding those criminals to do more crimes , to go unpunished , to manipulate legal system , to manipulate evidences / records , to get acquitted by courts for lack of evidences , to influence police to withdraw cases against them or to file B reports , etc. In these ways the corrupt public servants will never be  convicted , they will be either stay as accussed or acquitted for lack of evidences or government withdraws cases against them or police file B report.

Citizens of india are supreme in democratic republic of india. parliament , MPs , MLAs are creations of citizens and are subservient , subordinate to the citizens of india. Creations cann’t be supreme than the creator.

Vohra committee has officially acknowledged the criminalization of politics , parliament , legislatures. The politicians crave for power because , while in power investigating / prosecuting agencies will be under their control / influence and they can manipulate the legal process , WHITE WASHING all their crimes. Just see , recently union home minister Mr.Chidambaram  influencing the delhi police  for closing a cheating case against a builder by forcing the police to file “B” report. Politicians stoop low to such levels , to make money Ex :  irregularities in purchase of coffins meant for kargil martyrs , allotment of  flats meant for war widows , war veterans at Mumbai.

If proper accountability of public servants is legally enacted, independence , autonomy of judiciary & police is  legally enacted , then those in power cann’t WHITE WASH their own crimes. That is the reason many political parties are opposing “LOKPAL BILL” since decades under many pretexts.

Subject to conditions , I do offer my services to the government of india & supreme court of india , to legally apprehend  CRIMINALS , CORRUPT  PUBLIC SERVANTS ,  ARE  YOU  READY  ?

JANLOKPAL  BILL   -   Need  for  Accountability  of  VVIPS

While drafting  our constitution of india ,  drafting members  - freedom fighters  themselves  assumed that  in future also the persons who will occupy constituional positions will be sincere  & of  high impeccable  integrity.  However they were proved wrong. Late Prime Minister of Great Britain Mr.Winston Churchill has been proved  right.

"Power will go to the hands of rascals, , rogues and freebooters. All Indian leaders will be of low calibre and men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts.  They will fight among themselves for power and will be lost in political squabbles . A day would come when even air & water will be taxed." Sir Winston made this statement in the House of Commons just before the independence of India & Pakistan.

Nowadays  , criminals  have  entered into public service , working as police , magistrates , etc. Criminals have become MPs , MLAs and are also working as Cabinet Ministers .  Criminals  have become judges , some of them have become supreme court judges.

Even  there are cases of  irregularities  , illegaliteies  by Prime Minister of India and  Irregularities , illegalities committed  by supreme  court of india judges . Example :  JMM MPs bribery case , CWG Scam , 2G Scam , Bofors Scandal , etc  and Bhopal  Gas Tragedy Judgement fixing by  then chief justice of india by way of alteration of  charges ,  financial irregularities , illegal dealings by supreme court judges , etc.

In this backdrop , continuing with legal immunity to Prime minister  of india , supreme court judges or any constitutional persons is nothing but blanket clearance to those  VVIPs to commit more crimes , more anti-national acts  wthout the fear of Law  or Legal Prosecution. THIS  LEGAL  IMMUNITY  IS  &  WILL  BE AGAINST  THE BASIC  CONSTITUTIONAL  LETTER  &  SPIRIT OF  EQUALITY  &  EQUITABLE  JUSTICE.

Are not  some of the  cabinet  minsiters , so called constitutional experts  , great advocates  aware of this fundamental violation of constitution of india.  Ofcourse , these advocates rightly fight for , take the cases of poor , commonman , they usually take cases of MNCs , Big time criminals , etc.  Let  these constitutional experts  show us a single government hospital without corruption . Let  the  light  of our  constitution  shine  on  our   learned friends in the parliament  belonging to all political parties. Corruption is there in every political party , in the same way there are  very few honest persons in all political parties , judiciary , police & public service.  Why you are afraid of accountability to people , while  you are enjoying 5-star luxurious lifestyles at tax payer’s expense ?

If  you are so  sincere  READ ARTICLES / CASE at following web pages  & ANSWER :
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Honour of Indian Parliament for  SALE

Porn row: Three BJP ministers resign, barred from Assembly

A day after being caught on camera watching a porn clip in the Karnataka Assembly, three BJP ministers resigned today after an embarrassed party leadership cracked the whip.
A red-faced BJP swiftly went into a damage control mode asking Cooperation Minister Laxman Savadi and Women and Child Development Minister C C Patil to quit while Minister for Ports, Science and Technology Krishna Palemar was axed for allegedly providing the blue film to them.
The three ministers were also barred by Speaker K G Bopaiah from attending proceedings of the Assembly till a House inquiry committee submits report on March 12.
In his ruling, Bopaiah asked the three to give an explanation by February 13 and their reply would be placed before the proposed six-member inquiry committee, comprising two members each from BJP, Congress and JDS.
Till then, the three are barred from attending the Assembly, Bopaiah said in his order as the unsavoury episode rocked the House and provided a fodder to the opposition to take on the ruling party.
Savadi and Patil were caught on camera yesterday while they were viewing the porn video footage inside the state assembly during the proceedings, an incident that battered the image of the Sadananda Gowda Government and BJP and triggering widespread condemnation across the state.
"We don't want the party and the government to face further embarrassment. All of us have decided to resign. We have handed over our resignation letters to Chief Minister with a request to accept it," Savadi, Patil and Palemar told reporters. Savadi claimed they have done no wrong.
The direction to the ministers to quit came after the BJP summoned the trio and told them to put in their papers at a meeting attended by top leaders including Gowda, state BJP President KS Eswarappa and former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa.
The meeting took place close on the heels of BJP President Nitin Gadkari speaking to Gowda and Eswarappa and directing them to initiate action against the three ministers, party sources said.
Losing no time after the ministers fell in line, Chief Minister DV Sadananda forwarded the resignations to Governor HR Bhardwaj who accepted them immediately but that did not satisfy the opposition which created a big ruckus in the assembly demanding the disqualification of the three as MLAs.
BJP Government, already hit by a series of corruption charges, faced acute embarrassment as the fresh controversy exploded in its face after regional TV channels, which recorded the act of the ministers flipping through the porn clippings on their mobile phones, aired the footage yesterday.
Sadananda Gowda said the three ministers had sought a probe into the issue as they maintain that they only watched a clipping that was sent to their mobile and were confident of proving their innocence.
After meeting the party leaders, the three described themselves as "loyal soldiers of the party" and said, "We do not want to further embarrass the government and the party... But we have not committed any crime".
The exit of the ministers did not satisfy an agressive opposition which also demanded registering criminal cases against them apart from summary disqualification.
Speaker's announcement of a committee to probe the issue also failed to pacify the agitated opposition members with the Congress announcing boycott of the panel.
"Why should there be a committee. They have admitted to watching the clips. Please disqualify them," Opposition Congress leader Siddaramaiah insisted and staged dharna in the company of JDS members in the House.
The incident led to curtailing of the assembly session by two days, as Bopaiah adjourned it sine die.
"Yes the incident has embarrassed the party", Eswarappa admitted even as Gowda maintained that the three ministers resigned on their "own".
Karnataka witnessed protests at several places by Congress activists who condmened the incident.
With the exit of three more ministers, the list of BJP Ministers in the state who have made dishonourable exit in the last four years has risen to seven.
The present row has brought down the strength of the Gowda ministry to 24, leaving 10 ministerial vacancies.
The central leadership showed the door to BS Yeddyurappa based on the Lokayukta report on illegal mining.
Former minister SN Krishnaiah Setty had to resign from the Yeddyurappa ministry after he faced charges of land scam, followed by Katta Subramanya Naidu on similar allegations while rape charges forced H Halappa to quit as minister.

 SHAME   to Chief Justice of India  ,  Prime Minister of India  & President  of  India

In India  half the population is living  in poverty , barely sustaining on a single piece meal a day .  It is hard for them  to earn even Rupees 32 a day  , even children  of those poor families are working  very hard  to  fill their stomach. Whereas , the  public servants  who legally earn  thousands of rupees a day , get 5-star pay , perks , bungalows , cars , etc  at tax payer’s expense. They are cheating the public  , not properly doing their  official duties .  They must learn  hard work , work ethics from these child laborers.  Public servants   neglect  their  official duties , do they neglect  drawing their  monthly salary ? do they  come out of their 5-star quarters ? Public servants neglect their official duties  but not their 5-star pay & perks. SHAME TO THEM.

When specific & general cases  of crimes are brought to the  notice  0f CJI , PM , GOI & President of India repeatedly ,  appropriate action is not at all taken , in turn aiding the criminals in manipulating the evidences & continuing with their illegalities .   Even  our  conditional offer of services  to the government ,  to legally apprehend criminals  is  not honored.  Thereby ,  Chief Justice of India , Prime Minister of India & President of India  they themselves are CRIMINALS.  Do these people know the value  of our hard won independence  ?  Do these people know the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters  ?  The present day  public servants  are  shamelessly misusing their official powers  , squandering  our independence.  SHAME  SHAME  TO   SHAMELESS  PUBLIC  SERVANTS.

A  person committing a criminal offense is a CRIMINAL. The Person who aids a criminal in his criminal act , in hiding the criminal act , in destroying the evidences  of criminal act  is also  a CRIMINAL. The person whose duty is to prevent criminal acts from  happening , who intentionally fails in his preventive duties  and  thereby  facilitating the criminal in committing crime is also a CRIMINAL.
In this way many of our public servants including judges & police themselves are criminals , but are not prosecuted by the authorities , why ?

At the outset , we express  our whole hearted respects to the honest few  public servants in public service including judiciary. However, the corrupt in public service don’t deserve  respect as individuals – as they are  parasites in our legal system. Still we respect the chairs they occupy but not the corrupt individuals.

All the following articles / issues , whole articles published in the weblinks mentioned below forms part of this appeal. The term“JUDGE” mentioned throught includes all public servants  discharging  judicial functions right from taluk magistrates , quasi-judicial officers to Chief Justice of India.

Indian Legal / Judicial System is manipulated at various stages & is for sale. It is a SHAME. The persons who raise  their voice seeking justice  are silenced in many ways. The criminal nexus has already attempted to silence me in many ways . If anything untoward happens to me or to my family members , my dependents , Honourable Chief Justice of India together with jurisdictional police officer will be responsible  for it.

Hereby, we do once again offer our conditional services to the honourable supreme court of India & other government authorities, in apprehending criminals including corrupt judges & police. Herewith  , we once  again  appeal to the honourable supreme court of India , to consider this as a PIL Appeal in public interest.

The public servants & the government must be role models in law  abiding acts , for others to emulate & follow. if a student makes a mistake it is excusable & can be corrected by the 
teacher. if the  teacher himself makes a mistake , all  his students will do the same mistake. if a thief steals , he can be caught  , legally punished & reformed . if a police himself commits crime , many thieves go scot- free under his patronage.  even if a police , public  servant commits a crime , he can be legally prosecuted & justice can be sought by the  aggrieved. just think , if a judge himself that too of apex court of the land itself commits crime - violations of RTI Act , constitutional  rights & human rights of public  and obstructs the public from  performing their constitutional fundamental duties , what happens ? it  gives a booster dose to the rich & mighty , those in power , criminals  in public service to committ more crimes. that is exactly what is  happenning in india. the educated public must raise to the occassion &  peacefully , democratically  must oppose this criminalisation of judiciary , public service. then alone , we can build a RAM RAJYA OF  MAHATMA GANDHI'S DREAM.
Kindly go through the following articles & provide justice by giving complete truthful information to us , by publicly answering the following questionnaire in an unambiguous  manner.

The constitution of India has prescribed certain FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES to each citizens of India. It is the duty of every citizen to protect & uphold the dignity , honour of our democratic institutions , to
protect our national integrity , to respect & protect the rights of our fellow citizens. No constitutional authority has 
 the right to obstruct the discharge of these duties by citizens of India. No legal  privileges of constitutional functionaries is superior over the  FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES OF CITIZEN'S OF INDIA. 

We need rights to perform our duties. Constitution of India has guaranteed those rights as FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS to all citizens of India & by birth itself everyone of us has secured HUMAN RIGHTS as individuals. To express ourselves , we need information , data feed back , to ascertain whether we are getting equal opportunity , whether  we are getting equitable justice , etc , we need information . so ,
basically Right To Information 
 is an inalienable part of our  fundamental rights & human rights. What RTI Act has done is fixed time  limit , responsibilities of public servants up to  certain extent. However the citizen's fundamental right & human right to seek  information extends far beyond the scope of RTI Act. 

Hereby , we seek complete  truthful information from supreme court of India , with respect to my RTI application appeal no :  APPEAL NO. 300/2010 .. HEREBY , WE ARE  ONLY SEEKING ACCOUNTABILITY OF PUBLIC SERVANTS  IN PUBLIC INTEREST &  JUSTICE. Hereby ,  we request you to register this appeal as a PIL  petition & to ascertain the stand of apex court on various matters  raised in my RTI Application , in public interest & equitable justice. JAI HIND. VANDE MATARAM. 

Your's sincerely,

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