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Shame Shame US President

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SHAME  SHAME  Mr.   President   Government of USA


  We  admire  ordinary American  citizens . However we despise American  officials for their  inhuman attiudes , double standards & false ego of  superiority. They  don’t respect  the laws of  other  sovereign nations  , but  expect other countrymen  to  respect  US  laws. Whenever  US  officials serving  in other countries as  US  diplomats  were caught red handed  for crimes  ranging  from drunken driving , vandalism , terrorism , etc  , the  US  government  didn’t  let  the host  countries  to legally prosecute them instead  airlifted  them  back  to  US. Now deceased Mr.Warren  Anderson  former head of  Union Carbide  responsible  for  Bhopal  Gas   Tragedy  was  not  sent  back  to  India  for  legal  prosecution. Mr. David  Headley  master  mind  of  26 / 11  Mumbai  Terrorist  attack  is not  yet  handed over  to  India  for  legal  prosecution ,  why ?
  If  US  thinks  it  can  prosecute  it’s  own  citizens , India  too  can  legally  prosecute  it’s  own  citizen  Ms. Devyani  Khobragade. Immediately  repatriate  her  back  to  India. That  too  charges  against  her  are  not  as  grave  as  against warren  Anderson  &  david headley remember that.
  You  have  strip  searched  H.E.Honourable  President  of  India Mr.Abdul  Kalam  & Honourable  Defense  Minister  of  India Mr.George  Fernandez  when  on  official  US  visit. You  don’t  practice  diplomacy .  If US  officials , dignitaries  are  strip  searched  when  on  visit  to  India , how  it  will be ? Sad  part  is  our  Indian  Leaders  &  officials  have  selfish  motives , lack  self  esteem & respect  for  motherland  and  have  not  addressed  these  shameful  acts  of  US when  It happened.
   US  government  has  a  guilty  feeling and  suffers  from a  syndrome  of  terrorist  attack  always  because  , it  is  the  father , mother , origin  of  terrorism world over  since  decades. It’s  own  actions will boomerang , it’s  own  illegitimate  terrorist  babies  like  osama bin  laden  will take  care  of  USA. In  time , USA will pay  for  it’s  own  crimes.
   Mr.President  of  USA  We  admire  you  as  an  individual ,  but  as  head  of  US  government  you  must  mend  your  ways. We  hope  saner  sense  will prevail.


Visit , read the petition & support by signing the petition demanding

Visit , read the petition & support by signing the petition demanding

India, U.S.A , U.K , Pakistan and various other countries
have given birth to & supported various terror outfits, all with the
objective of widening their area of influence, to get hold of
governance of other countries, to loot resources of other countries.
At no time they were bothered about the welfare of innocent people
in those victim countries.

Now, when the Frankenstein monster they fathered TERRORISM
is haunting them , came home to roost in their own backyards , all
these countries are crying foul.
Take for instance Pakistan , it has got enough problems on hand , poverty , unemployment , malnutrition , hunger , illiteracy is rampant in Pakistan. Ordinary Pakistanis are suffering, ordinary Pakistanis does not need neither war nor jihad , what they need is food , healthcare , education for their children.

Take for instance india, it has lot of problems on hand
like starvation, lack of education , health care, etc. The GOI says
it doesn't have enough funds to solve these problems. These problems
are of pre-independece vintage, increasing multifold after
independence of india. Still the government of india spent crores of
rupees on training , arming of tamil terrorists in srilanka ,
unnecessarily poked it's nose in east pakistan creating bangladesh,
created terrorist outfits in punjab & northeast to counter the
influence of other terrorist outfits. ALL THE WHILE PREACHING
PANCHASHEEL PRINCIPLES – peaceful co-existance , respect for
neighbour's boundaries, etc, in the same breath. What ordinary Indians , commonfolk need is food , shelter , healthcare & education.

Take the case of USA , from the beginning since decades , it is the habit of US administrators, britishers   to sow the seeds of discontent between two countries , make them to go to war with each other ( simultaneously selling military hardware worth  billions of dollars to those same countries  by the way making profit in billions ) & to finally play the role of a truce maker thereby  getting a foothold in the newly formed government plus getting reconstruction projects worth billions of dollars leading to profit of billions. Just remember the USinvasion of iraq , citing presence of WMDs, finally nothing was found. However USA  made billions of profit by business.

The common folk  of whichever country , whichever  religion you take , does not want war , everybody wants peace. The common folk need food , shelter , healthcare & education. It is the scheming politicians who go on the path of violence.  POOJYA BAPUJI's  , MAHATMA GANDHIJI's  principles of non violence , non interference in the affairs of other individuals / other countries , love / compassion for fellow human beings is much relevant today.

Hereby, e-Voice  urges the international war crimes tribunal , to
order the respective governments who aided terrorism ,to pay damages
to victim countries. Jai hind. Vande mataram

Your's sincerely,


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